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Interested in Alpha?


Do you have an interest in joining the ranks of Alpha Brothers across the world? For more information on joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the Xi Tau Lambda Chapter, please contact for more information on the Membership process.


All potential candidates  are encouraged to visit the Fraternity’s national website at to learn more about seeking membership in Alpha Phi Alpha.


“With full knowledge that graduates would eventually outnumber undergraduates, our original conception of graduate chapters was two fold. First, active participation in local affairs for the improvement of our position as a majority group and the guidance, stimulation and aid of the undergraduates.”  –  Jewel Henry Arthur Callis, 1957

Have you left the fold and want to become active again?  Are you new to the city and looking for a home chapter?  There might be any number of reasons why you left, however your active participation is wanted and needed.  Whether you are a recently graduated Brother who longs for a brotherhood reminiscent of “college days” or a seasoned Brother many years removed from the bond and eager to get back, you are in the right place!

So there is no need to wait any longer, GET ACTIVE TODAY!!!

Email us at for more on getting active with the Metroplex’s most  progressive chapter, Xi Tau Lambda.

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