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Brothers have the ability to pay their chapter dues by mail or online (via Square).

When paying dues by check, the amount owed is $250.

When paying dues by Square, the amount owed is $257.78. This includes the $250 dues + Square credit card fee.

To pay dues by mail, send a check made out to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Xi Tau Lambda Chapter to:

Alpha Phi Alpha - Xi Tau Lambda

Attn: C. Washington

PO Box 835430

Richardson, Texas 75083

To pay dues online, please utilize the button below to Square (be sure to include your first and last name):

Brothers can also coordinate with our Chapter Treasurer to pay in person by cash, check or credit card.

Email Bro. Cedric Washington at for more information.

If you are a recent graduate 1 to 3 years out of college, please contact the Chapter Treasurer

at the email address above to ask about discounted dues.

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