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Brothers have the ability to pay their chapter dues by mail or online (via Square).

When paying dues by check, the amount owed is $250.

When paying dues by Square, the amount owed is $257.78. This includes the $250 dues + Square credit card fee.

To pay dues by mail, send a check made out to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Xi Tau Lambda Chapter to:

Alpha Phi Alpha - Xi Tau Lambda

Attn: J. Robinson

PO Box 835430

Richardson, Texas 75083

To pay dues online, please utilize the button below to Square (be sure to include your first and last name):

Brothers can also coordinate with our Chapter Treasurer or Financial Secretary to pay in person by cash, check or credit card.

Email Bro. Treasurer Johnathan Robinson at or Bro. Financial Secretary Charles Hearns at for more information.

If you are a recent graduate 1 to 3 years out of college, please contact the Chapter Treasurer

at the email address above to ask about discounted dues.

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